Developing Residential Options through Participation and Training  (DROPT)
The Baraga County RICC in partnership with The Institute, Copper Country Mental Health’s training prevention and wellness program, has developed a project to increase the residential options available to people with disabilities in Baraga and Ontonagon counties.  The project, Developing Residential Options through Participation and Training, is known commonly by it’s acronym, DROPT.  A trainer from The Institute will provide training to Continuum of Care members regarding housing issues commonly encountered by people with disabilities.  The trainer will also provide information to RICC members regarding the functions and responsibilities of CoC members.  Finally, staff will support people with disabilities in gaining appointments to and in attending CoC meetings.  There they can give voice to problems faced by people with disabilities in obtaining housing.  The approach will be replicated with Ontonagon county RICC members and that community’s CoC.  This 3 year project has been funded by the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council and will begin March 1st, 2011.  As this project develops, we anticipate developing a unique navigation link with information and updates about DROPT.

Life in Focus
In partnership with United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan and The Michigan Disability Rights Coalition,  Baraga County RICC members are  currently participating in the Life in Focus project (LiF).  This project assists people with disabilities to tell “their story” with digital cameras.  The Michigan Disability Right Coalition provide a grant for 10 digital cameras that has enabled people to develop skills as photographers as well as a venue to develop leadership skills.  Members take many photos, chose one to develop a narrative around, and share that story with the group.  This project is enourmously popular and several members have adopted photography as a hobby.



                                           UCP’s Glen Ashley (red shirt) trains CCMH staff in LiF methodology

The BC RICC has organized a UP-wide presence at a state wide rally culminating on the Capitol steps in Lansing.  The group has traveled with other county RICCs from Ontonagon, Houghton, Marquette, Gogebic and Luce counties as well as a group from the Hancock Drop Inn.  The group from Baraga County has attended this event for 6 consecutive years and the advocacy opportunity is a perennial favorite.


Walk-A-Mile In My Shoes Rally on Capitol Steps

Transportation Advocacy
The Baraga County RICC has been involved in state wide transportation advocacy.   The MDDC funded a pilot project employing community resources via transportation vouchers.  The project, Access Baraga County (ABC) was an enourmous success rsulting in THOUSANDS of miles traveled.

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